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Terms of Service

Costs Involved

Work cannot commence on a project until the client has signed the cost estimate and Engagement of Services document that has been sent through. Estimates are valid for a 30 day period form date of issue.

You, Me and the Tax Man

The Agency reserves the right to charge the amount of any Value Added Tax payable whether or not included on the estimate or invoice.


Where advertising, photography, artwork or design has been commissioned, the parties agree that copyright for all work carried out is retained by the Agency.

Client's Property

Except in the case of a client who is not contracting in the course of a business or holding himself out as doing so Client’s property and all property supplied to the Agency by or on behalf of the Client shall while it is in the possession of the Agency or in transit to or from the Client be deemed to be at the Client’s risk unless otherwise agreed and the Client should insure its property accordingly.

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Variations to these Terms shall only be permissible if agreed in writing by Authorised Representatives of the parties.

Illegal Matter

The Agency shall be under no obligation to print or publish any matter which in its opinion is or may be of an illegal or libellous nature or an infringement of the proprietary or other rights or any third party.


Apart from damages claimed from death or personal injury, only direct other losses directly arising from the Agency’s work shall be the Agency’s responsibility and all other claims are expressly excluded.

Client’s Obligations

The Client undertakes to do the following:

Give clear and precise instructions and in respect of matters important to the Client, these must be confirmed in writing.

Any variation of cancellation of the Agreement by the Client shall give the Agency the right to recover losses flowing therefrom on a full indemnity basis.

The Client is to adhere to any agreed interim or stage payment billing and payment agreement as agreed between the parties from time to time.

The Legal Blurb...

These are the main terms of business of the Agency But It’s Digital (“The terms”).

In the terms: “The Agency” shall mean But It’s Digital and any successors or assigns.

Authorised Representatives” means in the case of the Agency, any employee of the Agency.

The Client” shall mean any individual, firm, company or other party with whom the Agency contracts or seeks to contract with.

The Contract” means any agreement for the provision of Services and/or Materials by the Agency to the Client.

Estimate” means any estimate or revised estimate sent to the Client by the Agency on the Agency’s headed notepaper or by email detailing, inter alia, the description and price of the Materials and/or Services.

The Services” means any contracts for the provision of design, marketing and development consultancy services to the Client of whatsoever nature, including the Materials.

Materials” shall mean design visuals, disc located digital reproduction/artwork, films, display material, printed items, digital media and all matter analogous to the above.